Unstable server

The server that HGG is hosted on has been really unstable the last weeks. This is becuase the site is getting more traffic then the server can handle. It have been around 2 hours of downtime each day, but today it has been down for over 12 hours. I’m not an expert on servers, and I just thought I needed to upgrade the server.

That might not be the situation.

What I diden’t try was to do a re-boot, or restart of some services. Today I logged on WHM and checked out the server status. On that page there where 3 red blinking buttons. One for Server Load on for Memory Used and one for Swap Used. Red blinking buttons is not a good sign, and it was the where the problem was. So, I tried to restart apache, and the site went instantly up. Now all the buttons are green, and so far it looks like everything is good. I will monitor the stats as the hours goes and more traffic comes to the site again.

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